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Diamond anvil cells Backward wave Acoustic metamaterial Neodymium compounds Broadband sound attenuation Surface acoustic waves ENHANCED RAMAN-SCATTERING Acoustic streaming Laser ultrasonics Acoustic metamaterials Ab initio calculations Carrier mobility Elemental semiconductors Anisotropy Bessel functions Brillouin light scattering Acoustical tweezers AQUEOUS-SOLUTION Thermal diffusivity Aluminium compounds Cavity Acoustic radiation pressure Effective properties Thermal conductivity Band gaps Elastic properties of nanogenerators Epitaxial layers Faraday rotation Mechanical properties Phononic crystal Copper nanowire Electron-phonon interactions Band gap Electrical resistivity Elastic properties Acoustic filters Elastic constants Acoustic solitons Acoustic wave phenomena Alloying Nanowires High-speed optical techniques Metallic thin films III-V semiconductors Au nanowires Chaos Acoustic waveguide Acoustic transducers Dispersion Ballistic heat transfer EMISSION Lamb waves ASPECT-RATIO Semiconductor superlattices Transition metal nitrides Acoustic shock waves Metal-insulator transition Brillouin spectroscopy FTRaman Au-Ag Alloy nanowire Ferromagnets Elastic characterization Acoustic propreties of solid Picosecond acoustic Electroreflectance Acoustic wave reflection Periodic structure Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy Vibrations Thin films Nonlinear acoustics Magnetic semiconductors Core-shell Elastic waves Asoustic vibration in nano-object FTIR Experiment Aluminium Active photonics Echo Devices Picosecond ultrasonics CLUSTER Acute lymphoblastic leukemia DYNAMICS DISCRETE-DIPOLE APPROXIMATION CPA Surface acoustic wave Acoustical vortices Acoustic wave velocity Acoustic Elasticity Acoustic phonons Band structure Time resolved spectra Elastic energy Nitrides Acoustic emission Ballistic phonons GaAs