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Acoustic propreties of solid High-speed optical techniques Brillouin light scattering Core-shell Faraday rotation ASPECT-RATIO Chaos Elastic waves Diamond anvil cells Electroreflectance Active photonics Elastic properties of nanogenerators Acoustic metamaterial Metal-insulator transition Acoustic metamaterials CLUSTER Alloying Elastic constants EMISSION Band gap Nitrides Brillouin spectroscopy Elasticity Carrier mobility Neodymium compounds Elastic properties Metallic thin films Aluminium compounds Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Acoustic wave reflection Acoustic streaming Picosecond acoustic Acoustic radiation pressure Ferromagnets DISCRETE-DIPOLE APPROXIMATION Acoustic shock waves Au-Ag Alloy nanowire Acoustical tweezers Periodic structure Devices Mechanical properties Nonlinear acoustics Band gaps Transition metal nitrides Elemental semiconductors DYNAMICS Magnetic semiconductors Ballistic heat transfer Acoustic Bessel functions Electrical resistivity Acoustic transducers Epitaxial layers Acoustic phonons Broadband sound attenuation Electron-phonon interactions Asoustic vibration in nano-object AQUEOUS-SOLUTION Acoustic waveguide Surface acoustic waves Effective properties Cavity Acoustic emission Nanowires ENHANCED RAMAN-SCATTERING GaAs Backward wave Surface acoustic wave Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy Thermal diffusivity Ab initio calculations Aluminium Picosecond ultrasonics Semiconductor superlattices Laser ultrasonics Anisotropy Acoustic solitons Experiment FTRaman III-V semiconductors Lamb waves Band structure Vibrations Elastic characterization Acoustic filters Dispersion Acoustic wave velocity CPA Ballistic phonons Echo Acoustic wave phenomena Acoustical vortices FTIR Thermal conductivity Copper nanowire Elastic energy Phononic crystal Thin films Time resolved spectra Au nanowires