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[hal-02303069] Quench, thermalization and residual entropy across a non-Fermi liquid to Fermi liquid transition  (16/10/2019)  
We study the thermalization, after sudden and slow quenches, of an interacting model having a quantum phase transition from a Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) non-Fermi liquid (NFL) to a Fermi liquid (FL). The model has SYK fermions coupled to non-interacting lead fermions and can be realized in a graphene flake connected to external leads. After a sudden quench to the NFL, a thermal state is reached rapidly via collapse-revival oscillations of the quasiparticle residue of the lead fermions. In contrast, the quench to the FL, across the NFL-FL transition, leads to multiple prethermal regimes and much slower thermalization. In the slow quench performed over a time $\tau$, we find that the excitation energy generated has a remarkable intermediate-$\tau$ non-analytic power-law dependence, $\tau^{-\eta}$ with $\eta<1$, which seemingly masks the dynamical manifestation of the initial residual entropy of the SYK fermions. The power-law scaling is expected to eventually break down for $\tau\to\infty$, signaling a violation of adiabaticity, due to the residual entropy present in the SYK fermions.

[hal-02302961] Riemann surfaces for KPZ with periodic boundaries  (16/10/2019)  
[hal-02297365] Google matrix analysis of bi-functional SIGNOR network of protein-protein interactions  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02270582] Linear response theory for Google matrix  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02266627] Regularities in the spectrum of chaotic p-modes in rapidly rotating stars  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02185995] Dynamical thermalization of interacting fermionic atoms in a Sinai-oscillator trap  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02156304] Multifractality of open quantum systems  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02147768] Contagion in Bitcoin networks  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02132487] Interdependence of sectors of economic activities for world countries from the reduced Google matrix analysis of WTO data  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02115530] Interactions of pharmaceutical companies with world countries, cancers and rare diseases from Wikipedia network analysis  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02114063] Collective intelligence defines biological functions in Wikipedia as communities in the hidden protein connection network  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02104946] Two localization lengths in the Anderson transition on random graphs  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02076361] Kane-Fisher weak link physics in the clean scratched XY model  (15/10/2019)  
[hal-02066438] RTNI - A symbolic integrator for Haar-random tensor networks  (17/10/2019)  
[hal-02064228] Geopolitical interactions from reduced Google matrix analysis of Wikipedia  (17/10/2019)  


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