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Energy density AdS/CFT correspondence Parton showers Star compact Boundary condition Expansion acceleration Large-scale structure of Universe New physics Scattering amplitude Unitarity String theory Stability Integrability Gravitation Dilaton N-point function 4 Quantum chromodynamics Gravitation model Lattice Integrable Models Resummation Microstate Correlation Duality holography Dimension 4 Feynman graph Scaling Scalar tensor Dark energy Supersymmetry 4 Numerical calculations Structure Nucleus nucleus scattering Correlation function Algebraic geometry Dimension 2 D-brane Color glass condensate Scattering Amplitudes Hydrodynamics Bethe Ansatz Kinematics Monte Carlo Higher-order 1 P p scattering Field theory conformal Perturbation theory Quark gluon plasma Loop integral Field theory scalar Gravitational radiation Supergravity Supersymmetry Tensor energy-momentum Dark matter Jets Flux compactifications Gravitational radiation emission Conformal Field Theory Numerical calculations Monte Carlo Effective field theory Cosmology Anti-de Sitter Random matrices Black hole M-theory D-branes Geometry LISA Fifth force Spin chain Black Holes in String Theory Fixed point Field theory General relativity Cosmological constant Heavy ion scattering Potts model Cosmological model Brookhaven RHIC Coll Deformation Numerical methods Quantum chromodynamics perturbation theory P nucleus scattering Velocity acoustic Bethe ansatz Color Operator product expansion Factorization Energy high AdS-CFT Correspondence String model Automatic Keywords Algebra Membrane model Density high Mathematical methods Perturbative QCD Compactification CERN LHC Coll Duality