CORIA is a Joint Research Unit (UMR) attached to the Institute of Engineering and Systems (INSIS) of the CNRS, the University of Rouen and the Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Rouen. It is located on the Madrillet Technopole, near Rouen, in Normandie.

The CORIA research fields cover fundamental and applied studies dedicated to reactive or non-reactive flows: multiphase flows, turbulent mixing phenomena, combustion, plasmas, etc. Physical mechanisms and processes leading to the reduction of pollutant production in reactive systems are also included within the main research activities.














Flame filtering Heat transfer Turbulence Dry deposition Two-phase flow Holography Fire Fourier optics and signal processing Cavitation Suies Fluid dynamics Kérosène Diphasique Laminar burning velocity Simulation Dispersion Evaporation Flamme turbulente Energy transfer Modélisation de la combustion turbulente Experiment Premixed flame Drops Chemistry tabulation LES Couche limite Chimie tabulée Indice de réfraction Sprays Direct numerica Tabulated chemistry Atomisation Isotropic turbulence Genetic algorithm Combustion COMBUSTION Atomization Ignition Jets Flow control Scalar gradient Large Eddy Simu Diffusion de la lumière Large-eddy simulation PIV particle image velocimetry APG boundary layer Partially premixed Mécanique des fluides numérique Deconvolution Ecoulement diphasique Turbulent combustion Large eddy simu Large Eddy Simulation Simulation numérique Vortex generators PIV Large eddy simulation Soot Simulation numérique directe CO2 capture Flame stability Template Image processing Flameless combustion Particle Image Velocimetry Granulométrie optique Interface Laser Hot wire anemometry Écoulements diphasiques Fluid mechanics Mixing Stratification Two-phase flows Annular jet Allumage Oxygen enrichment Chimiluminescence Refractive index Spray Autoignition Anémométrie Doppler Laser ADL Chaos DNS Light scattering Direct numerical simulation Simulation aux grandes échelles Chemiluminescence Mécanique des fluides Numerical simulation Digital holography Reduced chemistry PDF Ombroscopie Mélange Aerosol Optical diagnostics Combustion turbulente Wind tunnel Hydrogen