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This collection presents the publications of the Laboratory of Excellence in Chemical Kinetics and Aerothermodynamics for Clean and Safe Propulsion and Energy Systems - Labex CAPRYSSES (ANR-11-LABX-0006-01) which brings together 150 researchers, lecturers/researchers and PhD students.
Supported by the ICARE, PRISME and GREMI laboratories, Labex CAPRYSSES maintains cooperation with 25 industrial partners.

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Modélisation HCCI 2-dimethoxyethane Highly oxygenated molecules Image processing HCCI control Laminar flame Calculateur moteur Langlie Combustion Electric field Densified gas Droplet High temperature Ammonia Burning velocity Control cycle-to-cycle Laminar diffusion flame Combustion kinetics model chemkin Metal combustion Low pressure Pentanol Gasoline Partially Premixed Combustion GPPC Moteur essence allumage par compression GCI Aldehydes High-speed visualization HOMs Laminar burning velocity Combustion essence partiellement prémélangée GPPC Droplet support fiber Orbitrap Methane Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation Spherically expanding flame Combustion à basse température LTC At-source primary sulfate High-temperature Kinetic modelling Diphasique Combustion characteristics Oxidation Boundary layers Vaporization Jet-Stirred reactor Aluminium Flammability Dipropyl ether Engine conditions Stereo-PIV Flame structure High-Temperature Chemistry HCCI modelling Ethylene Kinetic Modeling Agave Salmiana bagasse SOA Contrôle moteur CO 2 capture ECU Flame kinetics Micro-combustion High-resolution mass spectrometry HCCI engine CA50 Modeling Microgravité Ketohydroperoxides Aerosol Gasoline Compression Ignition GCI Hydrothermal carbonization Constant volume chamber Microchannel Jet-stirred reactor Ignition CH4-air Combustion phasing Kinetic modeling Hydrochar Contrôle cycle-à-cycle Biogas Laser-induced ignition MEMS High resolution mass spectrometry Magmatic gas emission Oxygen enrichment Low Temperature Combustion LTC Diluents Aérosol Moteur HCCI Goutte Biofuels Kinetics modeling Laminar flame speed Chemical synthesis Infrared spectroscopy X-ray diffraction Microstructure Microgravity Two-phase FREI Turbulent flame Highly oxigenated molecules Korcek mechanism